“And when you travel your last journey, warrior, do not despair. For fear will be your sister, doubt your brother, helplessness your child. And you will feel all strength, all hope, all confidence sliding away from you like water running through your fingers. Then, in this moment, this hour, when all hope is a far-off rumour, kneel and pray the holy verses of the most holy of books. And you will feel: The fear and doubt that have washed around your soul like sweet wine around a tongue, this fear and doubt that have beguiled you like the vapours of a water pipe, they will flow out of you like an exorcised demon that now has to seek out his false happiness elsewhere. For it says in the Scripture: Do not fear your enemies, fear ME if you are true believers. Then, on your last evening, on this your last path, do not drink or eat, so Allah may see that your body is nothing more than a hull that you plan to remove for ever for His sake, so that your soul might rise to the open gates of paradise. On this, your last morning, shave your body, but shave your beard only if your mission demands it. Wash yourself to be pure for the beginning of your new existence. Finally speak the verses of the Holy Scripture that we have chosen for you, speak them into your hands and then rub your upper body with your hands so that this Holiness may enter you deeply and strongly. And then step out with confidence and thankfulness for having received this duty in the battle of the holy warriors against the infidel hordes of the devil.”