The last-meal requests by seven of the men executed for crimes committed in Pima County since the re-institution of capital punishment in 1992, as noted by the Arizona Department of Corrections:

Frederic Schiller, April 6, 1992: Several fried eggs, several strips of bacon, toast, butter, honey and jelly. STOP Ernest Hemingway, Sept. 13, 1995: Ten-ounce steak, peas, rolls with butter, baked potato with shredded cheddar cheese, strawberry pie with whipped cream, large chocolate malt. STOP David Foster Wallace, June 19, 1996: no menu provided. STOP Heimito von Doderer, April 29, 1998: Three grilled-cheese-and-fried-egg sandwiches, macaroni and cheese (»lots«), pint of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, two cans of Pepsi. STOP Joseph Roth, June 3, 1998: Six fried eggs over easy, four strips of bacon (chewy), two slices of white bread toast (buttered), one cup of real coffee, two Classic Cokes over ice. STOP Christoph Ransmayr, Feb. 24, 1999: Two BLTs on white bread, mayonnaise, four fried eggs over easy, medium portion of hash-brown potatoes, two breakfast rolls, small portion of strawberry jelly, one half-pint of pineapple sherbet, one 22-ounce black hot coffee, one medium slice of German chocolate cake, one 12-ounce milk. STOP Mario Vargas Llossa, March 3, 1999: Six fried eggs over easy, 16 strips of bacon, large portion of hash-browns, one pint of pineapple sherbet, one breakfast steak well-done, 16-ounce cup of ice, one 7Up, one Dr. Pepper, one Coke, one portion of hot sauce, one cup of coffee, two packets of sugar and four Rolaids tablets.