Prologue part B

And with them all the ruling dynasties and despots that now rule over the Holy Countries in fornication, intemperance, corruption and incompetence and all the while, every hour, every day, constantly feigning before the entire world to be ruling in the name of Allah, only to disparage Allah anew with every day. And like bitter, poisonous weeds these ruling families, for centuries entangled in lies and sin, would be rooted out, to burn in the fires of Allah for their worst, their dirtiest, their most evil deed: to have opened the country of the Two Holy Sites for those who come from the devil, for those who knew only money, mammon, dishonour, those who came from Satan’s country, from America, that fiendish country, the country of Christians and Jews, the country of the godless, the country that had once struck out to conquer the world and enslave the innocent, to abase the Muslims, steal their countries, bare the bodies of their women and desecrate, dishonour, dirty the name of Allah. And in this way the new, the resurrected Caliphate would prepare for the last of all fights, the mother of all battles, and destroy America and its watchdog Europe, and to cast into eternal darkness the crusaders and merchant Jews for ever, without mercy, without forgiveness, unto the day when Allah gathers all countries for ever and back to the beginnings of time.