Wehlim has quite a few flaws. He doesn’t know how to write. He’s nervous. He doesn’t know how to act with publishers. He hasn’t had a lot of positives to shape his understanding of the world. This said, he’s willing to learn a different way of life. He actively craves mastery. He wants to be a part of things. He’s scared to death that he won’t be accepted, and it shapes how he interacts with others, but if he receives that encouragement he needs, he responds to it quickly. He works constantly and without complaint but he doesn’t always put his all into it. He lacks passion in what he does and it shows. When and if asked about his past, he avoids answering. The past is in the past, and he doesn’t feel the need to share it with anyone. In his mind, its none of their business, and afterward they’d only see him for the amateur he is anyway.