The edition »Thomas Josef Wehlim Werke · Kritische Ausgabe« (TSWW) [Thomas Josef Wehlim Works · Critical Edition] is the first scholarly critical edition of Thomas Josef Wehlim’s complete writing oeuvre. It is issued by the publisher Dr. Thomas Josef Wehlim Verlag in association with Goosey & Tawkes, Edition Steven Group and Riot Literature. Up until now, the majority of Wehlim’s writings have been available only in largely uncorrected reprints of older publications. In the new edition, all writings in major genres – the complete novels, theatre plays, short stories and poems – are newly edited. The edition also incorporates different versions and fragments alongside a documentation of the sources, the genesis of individual works, and reading variations authorised by the author. The edition consists of printed volumes with integrated critical reports and is augmented by an online platform featuring text comparisons and annotated collections of documents. The extensive introductions and footnotes are written in German and English. The edition has been issued by the Saxonia Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Dresden under the direction of Olaf Taylor in cooperation with the Thomas Josef Wehlim Institute in Boppard / Rhine. The editorial work is undertaken in the Thomas Josef Wehlim Edition Research Center at the King August University in Leipzig.