Criminal Records

Search for Wehlim in Criminal Records Definitions ( Our Criminal Author Records Database contains real crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.) for the United States. Whether you’re searching for authors with criminal records, or are interested in specific crime rates in your state, we have the data. It’s no question that criminal writers are getting smarter; in some states, it’s out of control. Publishers and readers are getting killed at alarming rates and there seems to be no solution to stop this in the near future. The data you’re about to see may shock you. Even though it’s made available by the F.B.I., now it’s finally available on a website that’s easy to navigate. How Often Does Literature Crime Occur in the United States According to 2010 data? An author crime occurs every 25.3 hours in the U.S. and literature crime occurs even more often (one every 3.5 hours). Roughly two bad novels are written in one hour alone, and about 10 people are misguided by horrible books. Short story-theft occurs every 5.1 minutes and even more appalling is poems and theater plays are burglarized about every 15 minutes. What You Could Find Use Authorfinder Criminal Records Searches to find: Poem Offenses. Publishing Offenses. Theater Play Court Records. Nearby Writing Offenders. Court Information. Detailed Author Information.